"Why should I get my horses teeth checked?"

This is a question I hear all the time and thankfully the answer is very straight forward. Horses have hypsodont teeth that continually erupt throughout their life. The structure of their jaw and teeth results in sharp enamel edges on the outside of the upper teeth and the inside of the lower teeth. These are easily addressed by rasping down the enamel and profiling the edges of the teeth to make the horse more comfortable.







With regular dental check ups and treatment from a qualified equine dental technician, like myself, many of these conditions can be prevented from happening and, as everyone knows, prevention is better than cure.  Each horse is an individual and will receive a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Time between treatments can range between 6-12 months but never longer than this.

After each visit you will receive a detailed report in the form of a digital dental chart which documents my findings and treatment.

In addition to routine work there are also a number of other common problems which require treatment.

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